At Geoterra we believe that the safety of our workers, the public, and the environments we operate in are of the highest importance.

We strive to produce innovative, informative training methods, support workers through one-on-one employee mentorships, and consistently encourage active participation among all company workers regardless of their position and experience.

Safety is at Our Core

Always Has. Always Will.

For over a two-decades, Geoterra has maintained an Occupational Health and Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR) through WorkSafeBC and in conjunction with the Safe Companies Certification from the BC Forest Safety Council. The company motivates our behavior-based safety culture in numerous ways through the occupational health and safety program elements including in-depth safety meetings, in-house training opportunities, ongoing hazard awareness, safety shares, and much more.

Safety is at Our Core

We believe that it is our duty to support our workers throughout their employment.

The company’s reputable Injury Management program is one example in which this can be facilitated. The Injury Management program is designed to assist if any workers have fallen ill or suffered an unfortunate work-related injury. The program is intended to return workers to productive and safe work as soon as physically possible, reduce any financial uncertainty or concerns about their future with the company, and maintain a sense of attachment with their peers.

Employees and management collectively share an unwavering commitment to high-quality work, efficient production, and stringent safety standards.

It is our obligation and objective to provide knowledge, training, and guidance in an effort to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for everyone. It is everyone’s right to come to work, feel safe, and refuse unsafe work without discrimination. We promote an accident-free workplace and will never compromise health and safety for production, cost reduction, or any extra pressures.

Tomorrow; your reward for working safely today.”

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