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Geoterra Integrated Resource Systems Ltd is a Canadian consulting firm specializing in integrated resource management, best forest and land management practices, ILMB and OGC applications and preparation for NEB applications, natural resource inventory and analysis, fibre utilization, environmental compliance and assessments, mapping and computer-assisted program development. Geoterra also supplies consulting services throughout all or partial phases of project development.

In 2020, Geoterra merged with CCI Inc to join CCI Group of Companies.

With this merger, we are able to offer local and immediate service to all of clients throughout Alberta and British Columbia. We are also able to better support our clients as we can now offer Engineering and Geotechnical support as well as our long list of Environmental Services.

What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Geoterra’s most valuable strengths are their diversity of skills and their intimate knowledge of the Northern B.C. area and the unique challenges associated with the environment.

Many of our clients consists of major forest licensees, primary oil and gas producers, environmental and forest management firms, gravel quarry operating companies, First Nations bands, small forest licensees, woodlot license holders, and the provincial government.

Geoterra Integrated Resource Systems Ltd. maintains offices throughout BC at the doorstep of the province’s major developments and so we are able to respond quickly to our client’s ever-growing needs. Geoterra has 20 years of experienced relationships with local government agencies (Ministry of Natural Resources and Oil and Gas Commission) and local First Nations.

Indigenous Engagement

Geoterra has established an intimate knowledge of how to engage in developing deep, trusted relationships with Indigenous people, businesses and communities. Our original roots are closely tied with Indigenous people and communities throughout Western Canada. 


At Geoterra, we have built an incredible management team to provide consulting services to the natural resource sector and related industries.

We are a leader in providing technical expertise and information to our clients. We pride ourselves on the provision of safe, efficient and effective services.

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