Beginning and Ending with the Environment in Mind. Every time. 

Geoterra offers a wide range of environmental and natural resource management services to meet our client’s growing needs in British Columbia. Our Environmental Services start in the planning stages, through construction and into final reclamation.

Services Include:
  • Phase One Environmental Site Assessments
  • Indigenous guided reclamation prescriptions
  • Invasive Plant Management
  • Environmental Compliance & Monitoring
  • Environmental Inspections
  • Grass Seeding, Re-Vegetation & Seeding Establishment
  • Stream, Soil & Wildlife Assessments
  • Soil Sampling
  • Regeneration Assessment on Harvested Lands
  • Re-Vegetation & Eco-Classification Plans
  • Project Administration, Implementation & Compliance Evaluations
  • Rehabilitation, Reclamation & Growth Analysis
  • Vegetation Eradication Management & Monitoring
  • Research Trials and Reports
  • BC Government & First Nations Liaison &Consultation

Geoterra has a long history and excellent working relationship with First Nations, Government and Industry with a focus on managing British Columbia resources in a sustainable and respectful manner.

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